It is a privilege to work with the organizational leaders, business owners and career professionals who partner with us to create new levels of success and satisfaction. Here are what some of our clients have to say about the impact and value of our work together:

"More than 15 years ago Bridgette helped me take an organization on the brink of collapse and guided me and my executive team through a story-book turnaround. When I recently made a major career change to a different industry, I again turned to Bridgette for guidance and support. She refreshed my confidence by helping me see and apply the skills and qualities I had developed over the years. She tactfully exposed my weaknesses and together we planned and worked and successfully minimized them or turned them into strengths. But perhaps her greatest contribution was that she equipped me with the ability to see, analyze and solve problems in ways that I had never been able to do before and which have proven to be fool proof time after time. Rarely does a day go by that I'm not using some skill or tactic that I learned from Bridgette Theurer."
J. Young, Senior Director

"Bridgette has had a profound and powerful impact on my life as a leader and on my organization in general. She brings a lightness of touch, sense of humor and empathy in combination with deep expertise and experience as a coach. The result has been a new sense of clarity, direction and self-understanding for me personally and for everyone who has been privileged to work with her in the company. I highly commend her to anyone with the courage to face important change."
J. Terrell, CEO

"Bridgette Theurer has worked as an executive coach in our organization for the last four years and I have been consistently impressed with the results. I hired Bridgette to coach two of my own direct reports at a time when they were facing daunting challenges and changes in their businesses. Bridgette’s work with each of them was instrumental in helping these leaders to step up to the plate in a new and more powerful way. I saw first hand the difference that coaching can and does make. As a result of working with Bridgette, these managers were able to rapidly accelerate their growth as leaders, forge more powerful relationships with peers and employees, and expand their confidence, credibility and impact. Not only did they benefit from the coaching, but so did everyone in their organizations. I highly recommend Bridgette to anyone who is committed to developing themselves and the people they lead."
P. Connolly, CEO

"When I became Executive Director of a non-profit organization that was struggling with everything from mission confusion to low staff morale, I turned to Bridgette. She helped me to analyze each difficult situation and the possible outcomes. She asked the right questions at the right times, so that I arrived at thoughtful, deliberate decisions. Bridgette’s coaching gave me the support I needed to lead the organization with courage and strength."
B. Stuckwisch, Executive Director

"It is not an overstatement to say that Bridgette’s coaching changed my life more than any other experience I’ve had before or since. As a result of my work with Bridgette I now have the ability and most importantly, the confidence, to take an active role in both my professional and personal life. Bridgette has given me the tools I need to be more confident about my abilities and to express what I want and need to make a greater contribution to my firm and my family. Just as importantly, I feel better about myself and my confidence continues to grow. The work I’ve done with Bridgette will help me to be more successful in whatever I choose to do throughout the rest of my life."
E. Katkin, Marketing Director

"I had been working at the same company for over 10 years and had gotten the feeling that I was "becoming part of the problem", lacking the impetus to make improvements in the organization and myself. Although cynical of the prospect of making progress through a coach, I contacted Bridgette to explore the possibility. She quickly allayed my concerns. Her professional approach and insightfulness were exceedingly effective for me. Bridgette helped me to determine meaningful goals for myself, and then worked with me through to their achievement. Through this process, I have become more confident at work and more engaged and motivated to make new contributions. I am very grateful to Bridgette who was the catalyst for my renewed energy and outlook."
T. Serena, VP of Operations

"I have worked with Bridgette since January of 2005 and I can honestly say my life – personal and professional – is markedly better for it. What started as a traditional corporate coaching arrangement for a somewhat dysfunctional management team has developed into a partnership between our companies that extends to all levels. Bridgette is an expert relator. She listens, observes and pulls the important issues from our discussions. She helps us identify areas needing improvement and to draw on our own strengths as individuals and as a company to fulfill them. Her ability to assess and adapt is something that sets her apart. She effortlessly adapts to the person, the organization and even the energy at a particular point in time, all of which enable her to maximize the value she can add. Bridgette has helped us develop and understand seemingly simple concepts such as advocacy versus inquiry, how to establish and build trust in relationships, how to give effective feedback and how to collaborate as a team, all of which have improved how we work together each day. Although it is clear that Bridgette believes strongly in the concepts she presents, it is not the material itself that produces growth and awareness in those she teaches, but her ability to elicit positive change in others. She genuinely cares about, and invests herself in, the development of our people. Because of Bridgette, our company as a whole is more effective and successful and so are our individual employees."
E. Hanke, Partner

"Bridgette Theurer and I worked together a couple of years ago. She was coaching me through a challenging time in my career – I had recently been promoted into a new position in my company and my natural competitiveness and desire to win was getting in the way of effective leadership of my group! She worked through concepts like “saying no” – when I wanted to say “yes”, under-promising and over-delivering, showing up powerfully at work and hitting the pause button now and then. Mostly this was counter-intuitive for me but Bridgette helped me understand the value of these practices. They brought out more in me and just as importantly, brought out more in my staff. Her easy style and ability to explain her coaching concepts in a clear and impact-full language make her a natural for anyone seeking guidance in their career or life."
B. Barrie, Senior VP

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